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FANUC Servo Amplifier Alarm A

FANUC Alarm Codes >> FANUC Servo Alarms >> Servo Alarm A

Model Description
Beta Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alarms (6093) A parameter has been specified incorrectly.
Alpha Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alarms (6071, 6079, 6080, 6096) Abnormal current alarm (N axis)
aiS SVM 6114, 6128 Abnormal current alarm (N axis)
Servo Amplifier Alarms (6240) Abnormal current alarm (N axis)
ai B Power Supply Alarms (6200, 6202) External cooling circuit faulty.
Fanuc  Alpha i Power Supply Alarms (6110, 6115, 6140) External cooling circuit faulty.


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