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Tri Star CNC Services, LLC is an independent service organization ready to assist you with your CNC control maintenance requirements.

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CNC Machine Control and Electronic Repair Specialists

Our first priority at Tri Star CNC Services is the timely and effective repair of your malfunctioning CNC machine.

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Our prices are usually lower than other FANUC parts and repair centers, and we provide the best warranty for our repaired and exchanged parts!

Drive Repair Service

With enough years of operation, and wear and tear, even the highest quality servo drives will need maintenance or repairs. When a servo drive fails, you need it repaired—fast. Enter Tri Star CNC Services. We provide many repair services for CNC machine’s component level parts.

Servo amplifiers we service:
  • FANUC Alpha, Alpha i series & Alpha is series
  • FANUC AC Digital and Analog
  • FANUC AC Serial Interface
  • FANUC AC Series i & S
Servo Drive Repairs & Alarm Codes
FANUC spindle motor - Repairs & replacements

FANUC Spindle Repair

FANUC machines are the most reliable CNC's in the industry, but with enough use, even the best machine will require repairs. In case of a spindle amplifier failure, contact the FANUC CNC repair experts at Tri Star. We specialize in FANUC spindle repairs for drives & amplifiers, along with other FANUC spindle services:

Parts Exchange - Spindle Amplifier Modules

Parts Exchange - Fanuc AC Spindle Amplifiers 

Spindle Amplifier Alarm Codes Diagnostics 

Spindle repair

FANUC Drive Motor Repairs

To achieve the precision & accuracy required in CNC machining, the control, drive, and motor must all be working perfectly in sync. The slightest variant can throw off the entire process and stunt production. Tri Star repairs and replaces faulty FANUC spindle & servo motors to keep your production rolling.

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC Offers a Wide Selection of FANUC services:
CNC FANUC Servo Motor Repairs & Replacements
FANUC Power Supply Parts and Repairs

FANUC Power Supply Repair 

Any hiccup in the CNC process hurts the quality of the product and wastes valuable time and resources. 

When component level FANUC power supplies exhibit signs of wear and begin to fail, you need Tri Star CNC Services. We perform thorough cleaning and repairs of FANUC power supply's, extending the life of your existing components and beating the cost of whole replacement.

We Make Used Power Supplies Like New

The power module cleaning and repair process involves meticulous care and strict attention to detail. We’ll take every step necessary to ensure your FANUC power module is entirely clean and functional 

Power Supply Parts

Power Supply Alarm Codes

Control Board Repairs

As the leading CNC control repair service in the Midwest, Tri Star CNC Services, LLC uses FANUC control parts to ensure that your machines are running at their highest level of capability and efficiency.

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC Offers a Wide Selection of FANUC Control Parts

Beyond having the high-quality control parts available, FANUC also has one of the widest manufactured selections of major components for any CNC machine found anywhere. Motors, amplifiers, input, and board controls are all tailor-made and can be installed easy in any CNC operating machine. With FANUC creating its own selection, their parts have reliable functions that are trusted globally. Part of their vast inventory includes versatile field bus systems, which include the following systems and more:

  • FANUC I/O Link
  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • AS-i

Control Parts Exchange

Control Board Repairs

FANUC PCB - CNC Control Board Unit Troubleshooting

Machine tool parts

Servos are a key cog of your CNC machine. When your servo is malfunctioning, you need timely FANUC repairs to eliminate downtime and get your CNC machine back to producing.

Companies looking to minimize expense on the maintenance of mills, lathes, and routers need companies like Tri Star CNC Services, LLC to provide swift and tidy FANUC repair services. We’ve been doing it for many years.

We Have Parts For:
  • Servo Motor Amplifiers
  • Spindle Drives in CNC Machines
  • FANUC Power Supplies for CNC Machines
  • Control Board Parts and Repairs

LCD Retrofits

If you have a CNC machine with a CRT monitor, you are most likely already experiencing the many defects and disadvantages these monitors present after years of use. You may also already know CRT monitors are extremely difficult and in most cases impossible to replace.

Disadvantages of CRT Monitors:
  • CRT monitors are extremely heavy
  • CRT monitors occupy and consume large volumes of electricity
  • Over time CRT monitors present several defects

Don’t waste your money or risk large amounts of down time with your CNC machine, have Tri Star upgrade your CRT monitor today with an LCD retrofit.

FANUC CNC Parts and Repair Services

CNC Machine Control and Electronic Repair Specialists

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC is an independent service organization ready to assist you with CNC maintenance. We specialize in FANUC and GE Fanuc repairs and parts. Our first priority at Tri Star CNC Services is the timely and effective repair of your malfunctioning CNC machine. We provide CNC unit repair, CNC unit exchange, and free technical phone support to our customers.

Tri Star CNC Services Headquarters in McHenry, Illinois

The Tri Star CNC Services headquarters located in McHenry, Illinois.

Our engineering staff has over 90 years of combined experience in electronic control repair and/or machine tool repair. Tri Star CNC Services considers the control as part of your machine and not a separate entity as some control manufacturers and repair facilities.

We are THE source for FANUC and GE FANUC part repair and exchange stock. We service locations throughout the United States:

Contact Tri Star CNC Services, LLC to ensure...

  • Impeccable service
  • Quick turnaround
  • Flawless performance

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Critical FANUC CNC component failure such as excessive current, faulty memory, blown fuses or signal mismatch throws an error and brings your CNC machinery to a grinding halt. Tri Star CNC Services provides comprehensive alarm code lists for servo amplifiers, spindles, power supplies & SVPM combo units.


If you are having trouble identifying your alarm code, please give us a call. We offer free over-the-phone support to troubleshoot your equipment on the spot and explain what must be done (repair or replacement) to get your CNC machinery back into working order.



Tri Star CNC Services helps you get your machinery back up and running after it's been submerged in flood water.

Learn more about CNC flood damage




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