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Machine Tool Parts

FANUC Machine Tool Parts

CNC Machine Parts Available for Exchanges and Repairs

FANUC CNC machines are made up of many important parts. Tri Star CNC Services LLC provides FANUC tool repairs and exchanges. Our work ranges from spindles and servos to LCD monitor retrofits and control board replacements. When your CNC machine is malfunctioning, you need timely repairs to eliminate downtime and get your FANUC machine back to producing.

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Replacement Parts for Servo Motor Amplifiers

Servo motors are a key cog of your CNC machine. Engineered to power electric servomechanisms, servo amps are electronic amplifiers that monitor the feedback signal from servomechanisms. Robotic arms and CNC machines’ speed control and power is provided by our FANUC servo amps as well. Servo motor amps adjust for deviation from expected behavior and come in various models for your specific needs.

A one year warranty protects your purchase, any products that fail within a year after the initial shipment of products must be returned to Tri Star for inspection and repair. If the product cannot be revived, a replacement part may be shipped for a part purchase on the exchange service.

Alarm Codes for FANUC CNC Machine Tool Parts

Critical FANUC CNC component failure such as excessive current, faulty memory, blown fuses or signal mismatch throws an error and brings your CNC machinery to a grinding halt. Tri Star CNC Services provides comprehensive FANUC alarm code lists for:

If you are having trouble identifying your alarm code, please give us a call. We offer free over-the-phone support to troubleshoot your equipment on the spot and explain what must be done (repair or replacement) to get your CNC machinery back into working order.

Spindle Drive Parts in CNC Machines

If you’re searching for FANUC CNC spindle drives, Tri Star CNC Services has you covered. Our spindle drives hold the hard disk drive’s rotating platters in place. These shafts drive power spindle motors for CNC machines and reflect the quality in product that Tri Star values.

If you’re not exactly sure what that means, that’s fine. Tri Star CNC offers a spindle repair service where we can remove your old spindle drives from your CNC machine and can install a new model in no time. With fast and affordable repairs for spindle drives available in Illinois or any other part of the globe, Tri Star CNC Services, LLC delivers quality repairs that result in flawless, precisely operating CNC and FANUC machines.

FANUC Power Supplies for CNC Machines

Tri Star’s power supply units and modules are truly a best buy when it comes to finding the right CNC or FANUC parts for your machine. A failure in a power supply unit can result in a computer or PC that will not turn on – which isn’t helping anyone. To get your machine back up and running again, Tri Star offers CNC FANUC power supply repairs that can have you back on your feet in no time.

Our power supply units convert main AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for internal components of any computing machine. Tri Star’s power supplies are the best on the market, they’re one of the highest quality CNC tool parts for sale online. A trusted, local company in Illinois, Tri Star CNC Services, LLC will get you what you need without any hassles.

CNC Control Board Parts and Repairs

A panel containing switches, dials, and other equipment for regulating electrical devices, Tri Star CNC Services, LLC offers control board repairs for your CNC and FANUC machine needs.

One of the control boards we offer is a graphics board. Graphics boards are printed circuits that, after being installed in a computer, permit it to display pictures. Another one of our control boards, the main CPU board, is a microprocessor chip that processes most of the data in a computer.

FANUC Parts for CNC Machines Maximize Efficiency in the Production Process

Companies looking to minimize expense on the maintenance of mills, lathes, and routers need companies like Tri Star CNC Services, LLC to provide swift and tidy FANUC repair services. We’ve been doing it for many years. See our full selection of FANUC-GE CNC machines parts for replacements and exchanges.

FANUC Repair Locations across the United States:

Our field service network provides CNC services across the United States. Additionally, we have free phone support for basic FANUC troubleshooting.

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