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FANUC Controls

FANUC Controls – for Exchange & Repair

Tri Star CNC Services offers repairs for FANUC controls and availability from our deep exchange stock. When controls are malfunctioning and CNC machinery is at a standstill, you need to call us and get a plan in place to restore functionality ASAP. We’ve got many years of experience servicing FANUC controls – search our database for your part and we’ll help you find the most profitable solution:

FANUC Controls Inventory Includes:

This is not a complete list - to find your part, type its part number into the search bar above.

Part #Name
A02B-0166-B001 Power Mate D
A02B-0166-B501 Power Mate D
A02B-0166-B531 Power Mate D
A02B-0168-B011 Power Mate E
A02B-0168-B012 Power Mate E
Part #Name
A02B-0168-B052 Power Mate E
A02B-0168-B053 Power Mate E
A20B-0008-0540 F6 T/M I/O
A20B-0007-0040 PCB - F6T/M I/O
A20B-0008-0410 PCB, F6B


FANUC alarm codes list

Check out our list of FANUC alarm codes to determine the source of the issue with your CNC machinery and figure out the next step:

fanuc alarm codes

Give us a call and we’ll walk you through getting components repaired so you can get back to production.

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