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FANUC Servo Amplifier Repair Services

FANUC Servo Amplifier/Drive Repairs

In CNC machining, the integrity of the electronic components is everything. When a servo amplifier (also called a servo drive) fails, Tri Star CNC Services provides quick and affordable repair on servo amp component-level parts. If you discover issues with your servo amplifier, Tri Star CNC has got you covered.

Trust Tri Star CNC Services to expertly repair, restore or replace:

  • AC Analog
  • FANUC Alpha, Alpha i series & Alpha is series
  • FANUC AC Digital Series (S, C & D)
  • FANUC DC and DCM Series
  • Beta, Beta i, Beta is series


We provide free phone support to help you determine if your servo apmlifier is malfunctioning and needs repair. Our technicians have extensive experience repairing and refurbishing FANUC Servo drives. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of parts necessary for overhauling these devices, so you won't have to wait long before we return a working part.

We also replace servo drives and any FANUC parts which may be nearing the end of their service life and load test the unit before returning it. We also thoroughly clean all units before sending them back. If you are experiencing any issues with your precision CNC machining and suspect an issue with electronic components, contact us today.

FANUC servo amplifier repair & exchange

We work with a wide variety of parts for FANUC-GE and FANUC-CNC machines. If your FANUC control board cannot be repaired, we offer great prices for replacing FANUC servo amplifiers. These are just a few examples of machine parts we can repair and send as replacements while repairs are underway.

Search for your part or browse our database of FANUC parts.

FANUC CNC parts alarm codes

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Spindle Amplifier Alarms

Power Supply Alarms

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Overtravel Alarms

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System Alarms

Servo amplifier failure can occur for a number of reasons, making the list of possible problems overwhelming to the untrained eye. Even the most detailed explanation in a manual (or in our own list) can be intimidating. If you’re having trouble diagnosing or navigating your machine’s symptoms, Tri Star CNC provides over-the-phone guidance from experts to help you through it.

FANUC Servo Amplifier Repair


Symptoms of a malfunctioning servo amplifier

Since drives and amplifiers are so important in FANUC machinery, it is easy to notice when they are malfunctioning. If maintained, an axis’s control, motor and drive work together with precision and accuracy. When they fail to perform, axes frequently exhibit these errors, among others:

If you notice these issues, call Tri Star CNC for FREE phone support troubleshooting.


How a Servo Drive Works

A servo drive takes the command signal sent from a control panel and amplifies the low power signal up to a level which results in movement of the servo motor. As the servo motor is activated, a sensor reports the status of the motor to the servo drive via a feedback signal. The control compares what the motor is doing with the command it received and alters the voltage frequency going to the motor in order to correct any deviation from the original command.

For more specific information regarding the operation of servo drives, consult our guide on how servo drives work, or contact our experienced professionals at Tri Star CNC at 815-578-9145.



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