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FANUC DC Servo Units

FANUC DC Servo Units – for Exchange & Repair

Tri Star CNC Services offers replacement FANUC DC servo units from our deep exchange stock & repair services should on-site or remote fixes be the best path to getting your CNC machinery back up and running. Browse our inventory for your part:


This is not a complete list - to find your part, type its part number into the search bar above.

Part #Name
A06B-6047-H001 SERVO UNIT DC 00M
A06B-6047-H004 SERVO UNIT DC 30M
A06B-6047-H005 SERVO UNIT DC 30MH
A06B-6047-H040 SERVO UNIT DC 0L/5L/6L
A06B-6047-H041 SERVO UNIT DC 30M
Product #Name
A06B-6047-H201 SERVO UNIT 2 AXES DC 00M/00M
A06B-6047-H202 SERVO UNIT 2 AXES DC 00M/0M
A06B-6047-H206 SERVO UNIT 2 AXES DC 0M/5M
A06B-6047-H303 SERVO UNIT DC 10L


FANUC Servo amplifiers we service:

FANUC CNC Servo Amplifier Repair Service

We repair FANUC CNC servo drives and amplifier modules. Simply send in your malfunctioning part to us and we'll repair and send it back right away. Or, we have technicians that can perform on-site repairs. We also provide free phone support to help you repair your machine on your own. Get in touch with our technicians to help you get your machine fixed, completely free of charge!


FANUC servo error alarm codes

If you don't have a ton of experience repairing CNC machines, there are a ton of errors that will force your production line into a grinding halt. Check out our extensive list of servo amplifier alarm codes to see what could be causing your malfunction and then contact us for assistance in the repair. If send-in repairs aren't necessary, we'll walk you through it over the phone for free!

FANUC Servo Amplifier Alarm Codes
Servo Amplifier Alarms
FANUC Spindle Amplifier Alarm Codes
Spindle Amplifier Alarms
FANUC Power Supply Alarm Codes
Power Supply Alarms
FANUC SVPM Alarm Codes
SVPM Alarms
FANUC Overtravel Alarm Codes
Overtravel Alarms
FANUC Overheat Alarm Codes
Overheat Alarms
FANUC System Alarm Codes
System Alarms


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