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Power Supply Repair

FANUC Power Supply Repair

Nationwide CNC Power Supply Servicing

CNC machines require a consistent, uninterrupted power flow to ensure precision operation and maximum production output. Any hiccup in the CNC process hurts the quality of the product and wastes valuable time and resources.

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC, provides quick repairs and part exchanges of FANUC power supplies to get your machinery running again. Most parts are repaired within 3-5 business days, and all parts come with our comprehensive warranty. Contact our technicians to learn about your options for nationwide FANUC power supply repairs.

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⚠ Troubleshooting alarm codes? See our FANUC power supply alarm code guide.


We provide free phone support to help you determine if your CNC power supply is malfunctioning and needs repair. Our technicians have extensive experience repairing and refurbishing FANUC power supplies. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of parts necessary for overhauling these devices, so you won't have to wait long before we return a working part.

We also replace FANUC power supplies and any parts which may be nearing the end of their service life and load test the unit before returning it. We also thoroughly clean all units before sending them back. If you are experiencing any issues with your precision CNC machining and suspect an issue with electronic components, contact us today.

FANUC Power Supplies Repairs & Replacements

We work with a wide variety of power supplies for FANUC-GE and FANUC-CNC machines. If your power supply cannot be repaired, we offer great prices on replacement FANUC power supplies.

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These are some of the FANUC power supplies we can repair and replace:

FANUC CNC error alarm codes

FANUC Servo Amplifier Alarm Codes
Servo Amplifier Alarms
FANUC Spindle Amplifier Alarm Codes
Spindle Amplifier Alarms
FANUC Power Supply Alarm Codes
Power Supply Alarms
FANUC SVPM Alarm Codes
SVPM Alarms
FANUC Overtravel Alarm Codes
Overtravel Alarms
FANUC Overheat Alarm Codes
Overheat Alarms
FANUC System Alarm Codes
System Alarms

Power supplies can fail for a number of reasons, and the list of possible problems can be overwhelming to the untrained eye. Even the most detailed explanation in a manual (or in our own list) can be intimidating. If you’re having trouble diagnosing or navigating your machine’s symptoms, Tri Star CNC provides over-the-phone guidance from experts to help you through it.



We make used power supplies like new

FANUC CNC Power Supply Repair

The power module cleaning and repair process involves meticulous care and strict attention to detail. We’ll take every step necessary to ensure your FANUC power supply module is entirely clean and functional.

CNC repair technicians at Tri Star clean and bake parts to remove all contaminants. We’ll test power modules on a closed loop system to isolate and identify the source of the problem and perform swift repairs in-house at our facility in McHenry, Illinois. Upon repairing the power supply, we execute more testing to make sure it’s working at 100% efficiency before returning it to you.

FANUC Power Supply Module Alarm Codes

When FANUC PSU’s start throwing error alarm codes you need a solution. Fast. Combing through ancient equipment manuals or translating highly technical language delays your production and threatens your bottom line.

FANUC technicians at Tri Star CNC Services are well-versed in the documentation of alarm codes and have years of experience servicing this type of equipment. We know what’s going on with your CNC robots and components and what must be done to get production cranking.

We offer free over-the-phone support to see if the problem can be solved on site or if repairs or replacement is needed. See all FANUC power supply error codes.

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How Does Tri Star CNC’s Repair Process Work?

  1. Contact us online or call us at 815-578-9145 for FREE troubleshooting assistance.
  2. Once the problem is diagnosed, fill out an RMA form for repairs. New customers will also need to submit a new customer form and credit application.
  3. Ship the part out to Tri Star.
  4. Tri Star receives, repairs, cleans and ships back the part, typically in 3 to 5 days.

Tri Star CNC representatives will remain in touch with you, providing updates throughout the entire process.

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Preventive Maintenance Potentially Prevents Further Malfunctioning

Tri Star CNC goes above and beyond simple repairs. We’ve got the tools at our disposal to fully clean out component-level parts quickly to prevent further issues. Regular machine maintenance reduces the chances of future problems.

Examples of preventive maintenance of FANUC power modules include: 

Replacement FANUC Power Supplies from our Exchange Stock

Of course, if your power module is beyond repair, we provide you with a brand new replacement power supply. We carry a wide variety of Alpha series FANUC power modules. Order from our exchange stock—we’ll give you a fair credit for your non-working FANUC power module and send you a working refurbished part.

Please check our full list of FANUC parts for your power supply model.

Why is FANUC power supply displaying an alarm code?

If your FANUC power supply is displaying an alarm code, it is malfunctioning. There can be a number of things wrong and you will probably need to send your power supply in to be repaired. See our power supply alarm code guide for a more detailed description of your code.

Can you save money from FANUC control repair?

Yes! On average, FANUC control repair is $1,416.84 cheaper than FANUC control exchange. Search our parts database to get an up-to-date repair pricing quote for your part.

Should I replace or repair my FANUC power supply?

Repairing your FANUC power supply is less expensive than exchanging and is recommended for most issues. If your FANUC power supply is at the end of its service life and beyond repair, it should be replaced.

What is the cost of FANUC power supply repair?

The average cost of FANUC power supply repair is $1,982.21 with the maximum repair cost being $6,371.00 and the minimum repair cost being $197.00. Search our parts database to get an up-to-date repair pricing quote for your part.

What is the average cost of FANUC power supply exchange?

The average cost of FANUC power supply exchange is $2,388.33 with the maximum exchange cost being $7,964.00 and the minimum exchange cost being $286.00. Search our parts database to get an up-to-date repair pricing quote for your part.

Do refurbished FANUC power supplies have a warranty?

All our FANUC power supply parts and repairs include a one-year warranty.


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