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I/O Modules

I/O Modules – for Exchange & Repair

Tri Star CNC Services provides I/O module repair services and availability from our deep exchange stock. Faulty I/O modules put your CNC machine in disrepair and only an experienced professional will get you back on track ASAP. Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best course of action to get your machinery up and running again.

I/O Module Inventory Includes:

This is not a complete list - to find your part, type its part number into the search bar above.

Part #Name
A03B-0807-C011 A1F01A I/O Module
A03B-0807-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module
A03B-0807-C103#D A1D16C I/O Module
A03B-0807-C104 A1D16D I/O Module
A03B-0807-C104#D A1D16D I/O MODEL A
A03B-0807-C105 AID32E1 I/O Module
Part #Name
A03B-0807-C106 A1D32F1 I/O Module
A03B-0807-C151 A0D08C I/O Module
A03B-0807-C153#D A0D16C I/O Module
A03B-0819-C011 A1F01A I/O Module
A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module
A03B-0819-C103 A1D16C I/O Module
Part #Name
A03B-0819-C103#D A1D16C I/O MODEL A
A03B-0819-C104 A1D16D I/O Module
A03B-0819-C105 A1D32E1 I/O Module
A03B-0819-C106 A1D32F1 I/O Module
A03B-0819-C153 A0D16C I/O Module
A03B-0819-C153#D A0D16C I/O MODEL A


1-year warranty on complete assembly repair – not just parts and labor

We offer a 1-year warranty on the complete assembly repair. Most other repair shops only warranty the parts and labor. With Tri Star CNC Services you get the best service at lowest cost with FREE technical phone support to get your machinery fixed and ready to produce.

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