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A03B-0807-C103#D A1D16C I/O Module

FANUC parts >> A03B-0807-C103#D A1D16C I/O Module

Part Name: A1D16C I/O Module

Part Number: A03B-0807-C103#D

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Non return of a repairable exchange part within 15 days will result in an additional invoice for the above exchange price.

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Turnaround times for standard repairs are based on workload. Please contact Tri Star CNC services for emergency repair requirements.
Please contact Tri Star CNC Services to place an order.
FANUC A03B-0807-C103#D A1D16C I/O Module

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A03B-0807-C103#D, A1D16C I/O Module Repair

If your A1D16C I/O Module isn’t working right, or not working at all, trust the repair pros at Tri Star CNC to get you back in business. Every day, CNC shops across the country send us their damaged and dead GE Fanuc equipment for service because they know we do great work restoring them to manufacturer spec—quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Tri-Star CNC Services?

We know downtime is the bane of any CNC shop, so we treat every job as a priority and go the extra mile by replacing any electrical components and fans known to have a high failure rate. Every unit is thoroughly tested before sending it back, assuring you’ll be up and running again quickly with no surprises.

Unlike many other repair businesses, we don’t outsource any of our repair work. Everything is done by our experienced FANUC technicians in-house at our McHenry, Illinois facility. If you’re in a hurry, you can opt to get a refurbished A1D16C I/O Module on an exchange basis, or you can buy a new one from us. You’ll be credited a fair price for the non-working unit you send us. For your peace-of-mind, we back all our reconditioned equipment is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Whether you choose to have your unit serviced or opt for a replacement module, you’ll be up and running again quickly

FANUC CNC I/O Module Repair Services

Get repairs for your A03B-0807-C103#D A1D16 I/O Module by sending your parts to Tri Star CNC. We always thoroughly inspect, repair and clean your parts before sending them back. To get started, fill out an RMA form and send it along with a contact form. You only pay for the necessary services we perform, so if your part only needed to be cleaned to continue functioning, you'll only be charged for that service. We'll also replace your A03B-0807-C104 A1D16D I/O Module when it has reached the end of its lifecycle.

We repair many other FANUC parts as well. View our full list of services:


Field Service

Our send-in repair services are available for all locations within the U.S. Consult our field service map to see whether on-site maintenance for your A03B-0807-C104 A1D16D I/O Module is available.


FANUC CNC Alarm Codes

Our extensive list of alarm codes should give you a good starting point on diagnosing your FANUC CNC parts errors. We're happy to walk you through more in-depth processes over the phone and can get you started on the send-in repair process if necessary.

We provide alarm codes for other FANUC parts. View our full list of alarm codes:


Additional Repairs

Contact Tri Star CNC Services for more information on our GE Fanuc repair and replacement services.

Parts & Repair Warranty Information

Exchange parts and repaired parts include a 1-year warranty. Tri Star CNC, LLC warrants the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REPAIR – not just the parts and labor.

Get more details on our warranty and please contact us for further support.

Contact Us

For parts repair or replacement, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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