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A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module

FANUC parts >> A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module

Part Name: A1D32A1 I/O Module

Part Number: A03B-0819-C101

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Non return of a repairable exchange part within 15 days will result in an additional invoice for the above exchange price.

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Turnaround times for standard repairs are based on workload. Please contact Tri Star CNC services for emergency repair requirements.
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FANUC A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module

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A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module

Error codes, modules that won't power up, erratic performance--it all means one thing: you won't be making any money until it's fixed.

With nearly a hundred years of collective experience between them, our technicians know GE FANUC equipment inside and out. Modules, control boards, servo motors, spindle motors—we repair and refurbish them like no one else, and all our work is backed by a full one-year parts and labor warranty. Tri Star CNC doesn't outsource repair work to third-party shops. Everything is done in-house at our McHenry, Illinois facility, and every job is given top priority. If you’re really in crisis mode, we also offer emergency rush service.

Once we receive your unit, we give it a thorough cleaning and replace any components known to have a high failure rate. After diagnosing and repairing your unit, we test it on a closed loop system to make sure it's working properly. If it turns out your unit didn’t need any repair work, we only charge you for the cleaning.

Tri Star CNC offers the option of repair or replacement:

  • Option 1) We repair your A03B-0807-C106. We'll clean it, service it and return it to you promptly. If you're really in crisis mode, we offer emergency rush service.
  • Option 2) Send us your failed unit and we'll assess its condition and credit you a fair price for it towards a refurbished, guaranteed unit. This option takes less time than having your unit repaired.


Field Service

Our send-in repair services are available for all locations within the U.S. Consult our field service map to see whether on-site maintenance for your A03B-0819-C101 A1D32A1 I/O Module is available.


FANUC CNC Alarm Codes

Our extensive list of alarm codes should give you a good starting point on diagnosing your FANUC CNC parts errors. We're happy to walk you through more in-depth processes over the phone and can get you started on the send-in repair process if necessary.

We provide alarm codes for other FANUC parts. View our full list of alarm codes:

Additional Repairs

Contact our GE FANUC CNC Controller repair and replacement specialists for more information on service options.


Parts & Repair Warranty Information

Exchange parts and repaired parts include a 1-year warranty. Tri Star CNC, LLC warrants the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REPAIR – not just the parts and labor.

Get more details on our warranty and please contact us for further support.

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For parts repair or replacement, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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