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A06B-6059-H002#H502 SPINDLE AMP AC SP-2S

FANUC parts >> A06B-6059-H002#H502 SPINDLE AMP AC SP-2S


Part Number: A06B-6059-H002#H502

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SPINDLE AMP AC SP-2S A06B-6059-H002#H502

Repairing your spindle amp or other FANUC part as soon as possible is the best way to avoid downtime and even more costly repairs. With Tri Star CNC Services, your spindle amp can be exchanged or repaired for a low price. The most efficient way to minimize downtime for production time is to work with the best. At Tri Star we provide quick turnaround times for your parts. We diagnose problems, test on a closed loop and provide you with the best quality replacement parts. This is done quickly to save you time and money.

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FANUC repairs are done in-house by experienced CNC technicians, some who have worked with FANUC parts for 15 years. The employees at Tri Star always make sure customers receive the best quality replacement part. If OEM parts are not available or are too expensive, we will replace the part with a higher grade component that either meets or exceeds OEM specifications. This saves time and money for all parties involved.

The part is also given a thorough cleaning once it reaches our shop. If there are electrical components with a high rate of failure, we will replace it for no extra cost. By working with us, your CNC machine will be running again as quickly as possible.

Tri Star CNC Services offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on the complete assembly. This is how we show our commitment to our customers. Trust in Tri Star for the best results-oriented customer service in the FANUC repair industry.


When a FANUC digital spindle amplifier alarm is thrown chances are you'll need support from professionals experienced in FANUC component repairs. Give us a call - phone support is FREE and we'll clearly define your options for parts repair or replacement:

Alarm CodeDescription
01 Spindle motor over temp.
02 Actual motor speed is largely deviated from the commanded speed.
03 Faulty regen circuit or DC link circuit is faulty
04 Detected that the 3-phase input has an open phase.
05 AF2 or AF3 fuse blown.
06 Overspeed (Analog)
07 Overspeed (Digital)
08 +24V overvoltage.
09 Heat sink is overheated.
11 DC link overvoltage.
12 Excessively large current flowed into the DC link of the main circuit.
13 Memory inside the CPU is faulty.
14 ROM alarm.
15 Option alarm, possible spindle switch/output switch sequence faulty.
16 The memory (RAM) is faulty.
18 ROM sum check alarm
19 The offset voltage of the phase U current detection circuit is excessively high.
20 The offset voltage of the phase V current detection circuit is excessively high.
21 VCMD offset alarm
22 TSA offset alarm
23 ER offset alarm

Contact our CNC repair company today for FANUC repairs of the A06B-6059-H002#H502 spindle amp.

Parts & Repair Warranty Information

Exchange parts and repaired parts include a 1-year warranty. Tri Star CNC, LLC warrants the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REPAIR – not just the parts and labor.

Get more details on our warranty and please contact us for further support.

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For parts repair or replacement, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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