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A06B-6063-H215#H510 AC SPINDLE AMP SP-15S

FANUC parts >> A06B-6063-H215#H510 AC SPINDLE AMP SP-15S


Part Number: A06B-6063-H215#H510

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The A06B-6063-H215#H510 FANUC AC spindle amp SP-15S is a proven technology for powering CNC equipment and robotics used throughout virtually all manufacturing industries. Though well-made and extremely durable, power and transistor modules, ICs and capacitors can and do fail. When they do, count on Tri Star CNC for quick, cost-effective repair services.

We have the parts and the expertise to restore your spindle amplifier module to original FANUC specs. We will repair your unit promptly and ship it back to you as quickly as possible. All repair work is done in-house and fully tested on closed loop control systems to ensure it performs flawlessly before being sent back. In addition to OEM parts, Tri Star offers several refurbished FANUC parts for purchase on an exchange basis.

Whether we are custom engineering replacement parts for less than the price of OEM parts, replacing electrical components, or just hustling to get your repair done as quickly as possible, we do everything possible to keep our customers happy.

Alarm & error codes

When a FANUC serial spindle amplifier alarm is thrown chances are you'll need support from professionals experienced in FANUC component repairs. Give us a call - phone support is FREE and we'll clearly define your options for parts repair or replacement:

Alarm CodeDescription
01 Spindle motor over temp.
02 Actual motor speed is largely deviated from the commanded speed.
03 DC link fuse has blown.
04 Detected that the 3-phase input has an open phase.
05 Control power supply fuse blown.
07 The motor rotates at a speed exceeding 115% (standard setting) of the maximum allowable speed.
08 High input voltage.
09 Heat sink is overheated.
10 Input power voltage dropped.
11 DC link voltage was excessively high.
12 Excessively large current flowed into the DC link of the main circuit.
13 Memory inside the CPU is faulty.
15 Spindle switch/output switch sequence faulty.
16 The memory (RAM) is faulty.
18 ROM is defective.
19 The offset voltage of the phase U current detection circuit is excessively high.
20 The offset voltage of the phase V current detection circuit is excessively high.
24 The power to the CNC is turned off. (This symptom does not represent an error.) Serial communication data transferred between the CNC and spindle amplifier module contains an error.
25 Serial transfer data error.
26 The sensor signal (for speed control) for Cs contour control has an error.
27 The sensor signal (position coder signal) for position control is abnormal.
28 The sensor signal (for position control) for Cs contour control is abnormal.
29 An excessive load (standard setting: load meter reading of 9 V) has been applied continuously for a certain period (standard setting: 30 seconds).
30 Defective power regeneration circuit.
31 The motor failed to rotate as specified, and has stopped or is rotating at a very low speed.
32 LSI memory for serial communication is abnormal. A check is made when the power is turned on.
33 DC link circuit problem.
34 Incorrect parameter setting.
35 The gear ratio set in a parameter exceeds the value range allowable for internal processing.
36 Error counter over flow.
37 Incorrect parameter setting for the number of speed feedback pulses.
39 Incorrect data ROM type for Cs contour control detector circuit or incorrect setting.
40 The one-rotation signal for Cs contour control is not generated.
41 Incorrect setting of parameter of number of position coder signal pulses.
42 Alarm for indicating position coder 1 -rotation signal not detected.
43 Alarm for indicating disconnection of position coder signal for differential speed mode.
46 Alarm for indicating failure in detecting position coder 1 -rotation signal in thread cutting operation.
47 Incorrect setting of parameter for number of position coder signal pulses.
48 Position coder 1 -rotation signal abnormality.
49 The converted differential speed is too high.
50 Excessive speed command calculation value in spindle synchronization control.
51 Undervoltage at DC link section.
52 ITP signal abnormality I.
53 ITP signal abnormality II.
54 Overload current alarm.
55 Power line abnormality in spindle switching/output switching.

Contact CNC repair technicians at Tri Star CNC Services, LLC for expert repair of your A06B-6063-H215 FANUC AC spindle amp SP-15S.

Parts & Repair Warranty Information

Exchange parts and repaired parts include a 1-year warranty. Tri Star CNC, LLC warrants the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REPAIR – not just the parts and labor.

Get more details on our warranty and please contact us for further support.

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