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FANUC Alarm Codes >> FANUC Spindle Alarms >> Spindle Alarm 750

Description: This alarm is generated when the spindle control unit is not ready for starting correctly when the power is turned on in the system with the serial spindle. The four reasons can be considered as follows:

  1. An improperly connected optic cable, or the spindle control unit’s power is OFF.
  2. When the NC power was turned on under alarm conditions other than SU–01 or AL–24 which are shown on the LED display of the spindle control unit. In this case, turn the spindle amplifier power off once and perform startup again.
  3. Other reasons (improper combination of hardware) This alarm does not occur after the system including the spindle control unit is activated.
  4. The second spindle (when SP2, bit 4 of parameter No. 3701, is 1) is in one of the above conditions 1) to 3). See diagnostic display No. 409 for details.

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