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Fanuc PSM Alarm 01 - PSM-5.5 to PSM-11

FANUC Alarm Codes >> FANUC Power Supply Alarms >> PSM Alarm 01

Description: The main circuit power module (IPM) has detected an overload, overcurrent, or control supply voltage decrease, overcurrent, or control supply voltage decrease. Internal cooling circuit failure, Overload, Input supply voltage imbalance, IPM failure, or control supply voltage decrease of the power module.


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Having trouble with a FANUC Power Supply Module alarm error? Contact our servo error support team at Tri Star CNC for help!  We offer FREE phone support with REAL humans, call 815-578-9145 and we’ll walk through the servo issue with you.  If you need on-site support you can check out our field service network to find a service provider near you.

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Send us your damaged parts and our team of highly skilled repair technicians will determine whether or not repairs are necessary or even possible. If your CNC machine’s FANUC parts are damaged beyond repair or you can’t wait around for a repair, you can order replacement components from our exchange stock. Exchange FANUC parts and repaired parts include a 1-year warranty. Tri Star CNC, LLC warrants the COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REPAIR – not just the parts and labor. 

Get more details on our FANUC warranty and please contact us for further CNC machine support.

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