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Need help troubleshooting a persistent FANUC alarm code? Consult the list below for a brief description of the code indicated on your CNC machine controls.

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FANUC alarm codes vary in specificity. Some errors, depending on the machine and its series, identify the symptom of a problem, and others point straight to the cause. If you need any help interpreting an error, please call the FANUC repair techs at Tri Star CNC Services. We’ve got the expertise and years of experience to diagnose FANUC errors quickly and help you find a path to a solution.

Fanuc Power Supply Alarms

Alarm Code



01, 1

PSM-5.5 to PSM-11

The main circuit power module (IPM) has detected an overload, overcurrent, or control supply voltage decrease, overcurrent, or control supply voltage decrease. Internal cooling circuit failure, Overload, Input supply voltage imbalance, IPM failure, or control supply voltage decrease of the power module.


PSM-15 to PSM-55

Overcurrent flowed into the input of the main circuit. Input supply voltage imbalance, IGBT defective.

02, 2


Internal cooling circuit faulty.

03, 3


The temperature of the heat sink has risen.

04, 4


DC voltage (DC link) has dropped

05, 5


The input power supply is abnormal (open phase) or the main circuit capacitor was not recharged within the specified time.

06, 6


The input power supply is abnormal (open phase).

07, 7


The DC link voltage is abnormally high.

08, 8


The offset of the current detection circuit of the main circuit DC link is excessive.



The regenerative discharge unit is heated.



The main circuit power supply has an open phase.



The DC link voltage is abnormally high.



An error occurred in internal parameter data transfer processing.



The frequency of the main circuit input power supply is abnormal.



The input power supply of the main circuit has an imbalance.



When the magnetic contactor is turned on, the phase sequence of the power supply cannot be determined.



Internal cooling circuit faulty.



ROM is faulty.



RAM is faulty



A program is not operating normally.



The input power supply is abnormal (open phase).



The temperature of the regenerative resistor has arisen abnormally

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Setting Zero Return on Fanuc machines or any CNC Machine can sometimes be difficult. Each builder has their own way to set zero return through their own side of the control.

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