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CNC machine errors bring production to a halt, throw alarms, and leave you in the dark. Consult the list below and shed some light.

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FANUC Overheat Alarm Codes

Alarm Code Message Description
700 OVERHEAT: CONTROL UNIT Control unit overheat
Check that the fan motor operates normally, and clean the air filter.
701 OVERHEAT: FAN MOTOR The fan motor on the top of the cabinet for the contorl unit is overheated.
Check the operation of the fan motor and replace the motor if necessary.
704 OVERHEAT: SPINDLE Spindle overheat in the spindle fluctuation detection
(1) If the cutting load is heavy, relieve the cutting condition.
(2) Check whether the cutting tool is share.
(3) Another possible cause is a faulty spindle amp.
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Setting Zero Return on Fanuc machines or any CNC Machine can sometimes be difficult. Each builder has their own way to set zero return through their own side of the control.

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