FANUC CNC Control Repairs

Illinois Based CNC Service Company TriStar Offers Quality Control Repairs

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC works with FANUC products because of the company’s notable experience and respected reputation. With more than 55 years of experience in the development of CNC equipment and parts, FANUC has 3.3 million CNC controls and a 65% market share in the global CNC sector. Tri Star CNC Services, LLC uses FANUC products because, to put it simply, they’re the best.

FANUC CNC Control Repair Quote

As the leading CNC control repair service in the Midwest, Tri Star CNC Services, LLC uses FANUC control parts to ensure that your machines are running at their highest level of capability and efficiency. Their high quality products produce short processing times that can increase the productivity of your projects at home or at work.

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC Offers a Wide Selection of FANUC Control Parts

Beyond having the high quality control parts available, FANUC also has one of the widest manufactured selections of major components for any CNC machine found anywhere. Motors, amplifiers, input, and board controls are all tailor made and can be installed easy in any CNC operating machine. With FANUC creating its own selection, their parts have reliable functions that are trusted globally. Part of their vast inventory includes versatile field bus systems, which include the following systems and more:

  • FANUC I/O Link i
  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • AS-i

CRT to LCD Conversion

After years and years of use, CNC machines with a CRT monitor can begin to have defects that appear. In the end, most individuals or businesses working with CRT monitors have outdated technology which will continue to break down or slow down productivity over time.

Tri Star CNC Services, LLC doesn’t want you to waste your money on trying to find a replacement for a monitor that isn’t giving you the results you want. We offer an upgrade service, also known as an LCD retrofit, capable of bringing your CNC machine back into proper working order and the modern age.

FANUC Control Retrofit Service Saves You Money

Without an upgrade, you will continue to deal with heavy monitors that are splotched with colors and unnecessarily driving up your electric bill. Screen defects that occur over time can keep your CNC operator from being able to control the machine as accurately as they’d like to.

If Tri Star CNC Services, LLC were to perform an LCD Retrofit, your CNC machine’s efficiency will improve. Without spending a lot of money, you get a more reliable screen that makes your operator’s job easier and more productive.

Browse our full list of FANUC and GE FANUC parts available for sale or exchange from Tri Star CNC Services in McHenry, Illinois.
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Did you know this?
Setting Zero Return on Fanuc machines or any CNC Machine can sometimes be difficult. Each builder has their own way to set zero return through their own side of the control.

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